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June 8, 2021

Today was not just a good morning at Qasioun University, but a morning of activity, determination and success for distinguished students who are determined to excel, excel and succeed:

 With an atmosphere full of students’ vitality and aspirations for success and excellence, and the university’s determination to advance its students and excel in all disciplines:

      The final exams for the second semester of the 2020-2021 academic year have started in various faculties of the university

Prof. Dr. Wael Al-Halqi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the President of the University and the Associate Executive Director have asserted, while they were on a tour of exams: on the transparency of exam, the necessity of adhering to all examination instructions and the necessity of students' cooperating with all everything concerned for the success of the examination process,

 Since the first day of the exam, the students have expressed their great commitment to the exam instructions in addition to their keenness to participate with their teachers and administrators for the success and continuation of the educational process in an optimal manner
 Thus, raising the name of the university and achieving the ultimate goal for us, which is to create the future with science and knowledge. 

 Presidency of Qasyoun Private University

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